Commercial Builder Sydney and Penrith

Because the construction industry is always changing, it is vital to keep up with current trends and technological breakthroughs. As a result of this reality, we’ve established the ability to adapt project timetables, business procedures, and the services we offer to ensure that we consistently surpass our clients’ expectations.

EVO Build has a keen understanding of what steps are required to complete a successful project. With that said, the commercial construction industry’s reality is that each project has its own set of requirements. As a result, EVO Build offers a variety of services to help you finish the job.

Need help with your commercial construction? Let your local building company help you! We’re trusted commercial builders that service Sydney and Penrith.

Commercial Builder Sydney and Penrith

Commercial Services

Interior fit-out

For the interior finishing or fit-out of your property, EVO Build offers full Commercial Fit-Out Services. Our team can assist with the design and coordination of services such as standard and custom electrical installation, carpet installation, interior painting, furniture layout and setup, plumbing and fire safety and more.


For commercial construction projects, EVO Build works closely with owners and developers to deliver a unique building solution. We understand the industry’s pressures: the requirement for form and function on tight schedules and budgets.

We’re committed to keeping lines of communication open to give our clients flexible and responsive service. From project and risk management to budgeting and quality control, we can help you with any part of your commercial construction project.

Structural works

There is no job too big, too small or too difficult for EVO Builds team of experts. We can not only provide engineered solutions to your structural and building challenges, but can construct with ease with the backing of our reputation for quality, safety, client satisfaction and efficient project delivery.

Clients benefit from turnkey, value-added solutions by incorporating  technology-driven solutions into a wide range of repair and maintenance services.

Office and retail

Whatever the reason for the construction Рexpansion plans, maintenance and repair, new lease, new space, new building РEVO Build has got your back! 

As a company that has created storefronts, salons, beauty parlours, gyms, bar areas and bespoke furniture across Sydney and greater NSW, we understand that the highest compliment is being asked to build a business space for another client.

Cabins and recreation facilities

Our team here at EVO Build loves the great outdoors! When it comes to creating and building cabins, amenities blocks or recreation halls, we feel right at home. Since destination is no issue, we can tackle off grid cabins in remote areas to camp grounds along the coast.

Commercial Protection Solutions

We specialise in protection installation that ensures existing finishes are kept defect free and new finishes are protected through out the lifecycle of the project. This includes flooring, walls, glass, custom lift protection along with internal (fast wall) and external (class A) hoardings.